Why Connectivity Matters?

Staying connected and connectivity in the techno-world is not a herculean task today. The real challenge however lies in getting connected with a credible and trustworthy partner so that your efforts would start paying returns. Be it academia or industry, institutions or business entities sailing with the fraternity in partnership would offer the necessary inputs, infrastructure, the know-how and of course the valuable personal contacts necessary to progress in the career or business.

Peers Alley empathize the concerns of the individual scientist that works in isolation in the laboratory and the multinational pharmaceutical companies. We foster scientific alliances and partnerships through Investor meets, technology fairs, trade shows, science/ academic conferences, job fairs, and corporate workshops.

When Universities meet the Funding Agencies

Universities in this competitive world could attract students not merely with faculty and infrastructure. They need projects, patents, product innovations and placements. Right academy-industry partnerships alone can help academia to excel as the best research and academic destination. We, at Peers Alley garner the best from the corporate and the industries to meet the needy universities through our academic meets and summits.

  • Benefits of Academic-Industry Partnerships
    • Project grants/sponsorship
    • Placements
    • Collaboration for new projects
    • Academic-industry knowledge & technology exchange
    • Networking and setting up of university based startups
    • Integrating the academia with market needs to sell its products
    • Employment growth

Scientific Alliance adds Authenticity to your Research

All major pharmaceutical and medical innovations in the form of targeted drugs, diagnostic devices and clinical investigation are acceptable and approved for public consumption only when it get clearance through the monitoring agencies like National Health Association, American Public Health Association, and FDA etc. No research institute can afford to unveil great innovations without the effective collaboration of the agencies to market their innovations. Bilateral and multilateral association of the like-minded or multidisciplinary research is equally important for developing new products for complex public health needs. Pharmaceutical research agencies are forced to tie-up with computational or bioinformatics centers to cater to the data driven knowledge society. Research publications backed by the reputed scientific agencies and associations alone enjoy the authenticity in the scholarly world. Peers Alley scientific events attract the cream of the crop of the scientific publishers, research institutes, policy makers, universities and the industry where the scientific and the research fraternity interact and build meaningful tie-ups.

  • Benefits of Research/Academic Alliance with Scientific Agencies
    • To be able to build a credible image to attract funds, resources and human capital
    • To be able to patent their products
    • Add authenticity as the reputed agencies backup your research
    • Public-private partnerships for research
    • Technical, financial advisory and infrastructural backup to boost innovations

Technology Interface and Convergence in the Corporate Sector

Both the conventional and modern sectors in the economy like agriculture, banking, manufacturing, services are under convergence to digital mode to keep face with the pace with the phase with which the human and technology interface is taking place. Corporate sectors of all kinds need constant knowledge and skill up-gradation and our techno-fairs, and trade summits are handy for the corporate for automation, up-gradation and networking. Peers Alley corporate summits exclusively caters to the corporate needs by summoning all the major stakeholders like venture capitalists, techno-functional experts, share market pundits and business promoters on the same platform to fulfill the corporate sector requirements.

  • Benefits of Corporate Convergence and Alliance with Techno-functional Agencies
    • To be able to understand the technological changes and developments
    • To be able to adopt market demands quickly to grab major opportunities
    • Access to funding bodies, technology enhancers and trainers through networking and tie-ups
    • Getting streamlined with the changes to cut costs
    • Introduce efficiency to enhance quality

Financial Summits and Venture Capital Events

Accessible and credible financial backup at an affordable scale and phase is essential for the sustainable corporate and industrial development be it in the developing countries or in the developed countries. A single window approval to the capital investment accelerates the entrepreneurial zeal for setting innovative ventures to generate employment, wealth, and funds for the future research. Investments however are often based on the exact appraisal of the strengths and the weaknesses of the projects, which includes market demand for the product or service, technical background, infrastructural setup, skilled labor and of course the ability of the entrepreneur to reach the market with suitable distribution channels. Our financial and investor meetings offer entire gamut of services under one umbrella so that the amateur and the veteran entrepreneurs can avail the services like market forecasting, technical appraisal, cost-revenue projection, product or service promotion and the skilled experts in the same platform so that the entrepreneurs can approach the venture capitalists to avail funding’s with attractive terms and concessions.

  • Benefits of integrating funding services for Industry & Corporate include;
    • Integrated technical, financial and human resource assessment
    • Market forecasting
    • Checking the feasibility of the venture
    • Gain financial support to become an entrepreneur