Peer Alley Conferences facilitate an environment for Startups to build a network with Investors and Founders for a range of investment opportunities in healthcare, biotech, pharma, technology and much moreā€¦

Peers Alley intends to build a congenial ecosystem for the start-ups. Our aim is to stimulate, energize and strengthen the tender and scattered ideas to attain significant form.

Startups will engage with our global team of consultants, successful entrepreneurs and investors in distinctive day-to-day operations intended to assist entrepreneurs achieve fresh insight and focus. CEO's and the chief divisional heads from the medical, pharma, healthcare, and techno industries would attend our events to mentor the budding and emerging Start-up ideas to attain a meaningful shape. Investors, Techno-functional experts, technical and business analysts, business development personnel, R&D experts, and Monitoring and Evaluation experts would flock to our meetings and start-ups can gain from their valuable suggestions and inputs.

Why Attend Startup Events?

  • The founders of startups would like to pitch their fresh company thoughts, get financed or listen to guidance from specialists.
  • Investors hunt for investment opportunities.
  • Marketers come to learn fresh hacks and evaluate the industry and particularly eye the competitors.
  • Business consultants are involved in consulting inexperienced founders and teaching effective company practices.

Medical Start-ups

Medical start-ups are widely categorized into 11 categories, including online pharmacy, telemedicine, private health management, home healthcare, fitness & wellness, diagnostics, biotech R&D, medical devices, healthcare IT, biopharmaceutical and genomics. Startups operate in one of these verticals and use AI, ML and other contemporary technology to enhance access, affordability and healthcare quality.

Medical Start-ups keen in working on innovative drugs, diagnostic devices, and rehabilitation efforts can choose to attend our meetings on cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, dermatology, nephrology, dentistry, pharmacovigilance, novel drug discovery, nano medicine etc., to gain from the experiences of the experts in the above mentioned fields.

Similarly Startups based nutrition, physical activities like Gyms & yoga, etc., can chose to attend our conferences on lifestyles diseases like diabetes, Obesity, neurological disorders, psychology & psychiatry to gain insights from the experts.

Engineering and Technology Start-ups

The next decade could see similarly drastic changes in Engineering and technology. With innovative techniques that could revolutionize the marketplace, several start-ups are leading the way. Hundreds of fresh start-ups are launching daily in different industries, including Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Computer and Electronics Manufacturing, Energy, Manufacturing, Materials, Medical Equipment and Device Manufacturing, Robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. To maintain knowledge and technology available to all, our engineering conferences on Medical Devices, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nano Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics would foster young entrepreneurship and innovations, build a start-up culture and foster venture capitalism.

In addition, startups meet investors, learn from successful entrepreneurs around the world, present their projects on the competition and innovation market; and significant technology corporations, public officials, development representatives discuss tech trends and methods to create a fresh generation of entrepreneurs.

Biotech-Pharma Start-ups

Our biotech and pharmaceutical conferences stimulate, promote and improve the biotech industry's strategic research and innovation capacities, especially start-ups and SMEs across the nations.

Most of these companies' mixed objective is to create expertise, technology, and products that fight infectious diseases or provide alternatives to other worldwide problems.

Moreover, our global biotech and pharma scientific gatherings support the innovation ecosystem around the globe and foster innovators from academia and business to work together or independently. We operate with a mission to translate basic research with challenges into commercial outcomes.

By attending these meetings, you will open up a universe of useful insights, advices, sharing experiences, thoughts, recommendations and suggestions from industry experts, including founders, entrepreneurs, start-up employees, marketers, managers, owners, managers, VCs, Angel investors and business consultants.

The following rules are applicable for the start-ups that attend our events

  • No entry fee for the Start-ups
  • Start-ups are scrutinized and chosen according to criteria such as clarity, usability, stability, scalability, adherence, integration, profitability, business model, work team or global vision.
  • The selected projects can present their concept to the panel of judges and investors in an Elevator Pitch for 15-20 minutes.
  • The Best of the five among them will be honored with prizes as follows
    • The Best Startup of the conference
    • The most Innovative Ideas
    • Start-ups of Technological Excellence
    • Startup with proven scalability & feasibility

This is a unique feature of Peers Alley conferences and the Interested Start-ups can prepare their company portfolio and mail us to include them in the competition.