Student Corner

Why students should attend international conferences!

  • Boosts your confidence levels and sharpens your public speaking skills

    Forget about a student or the most experienced or veterans whoever they might be would fumble and mince words when they are asked to address a group. People turn nervous when they are expected to talk about a topic of their choice because many eyes would be keenly watching the presenter and paying great attention on what is going to be delivered from the dais. Attending conferences could help getting rid of this uneasiness. You will develop interactive and negotiating skills that are quite essential to live a profit and professional career in the corporate world.

  • Inventing the innate and hidden strengths within you

    Conferences are meeting places for professionals and policy makers who have already identified their capabilities. Yet, you can dare presenting your views however trivial it might be for the rest of the world. Your ability to convince and win the audience with fitting replies would gradually builds a quality of preparing strong arguments.

  • Exploring the bent of research and innovation within you

    When you are attending and presenting an academic/professional/ research oriented conference, you are taking the challenge of building a great presentation by selecting a topic appropriate with the theme of the conference. You spend time gathering the data and exploring the topic's rare insights to create it unique and the best among the others.

  • Getting the right mentor in selecting the appropriate courses

    Each student faces a stage in their lifetime where they are stuck with confusion about ‘what could be their next move related to their academics’. This may emerge time and again when you complete your class X, XII, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies. You can get a chance to meet our academic colleagues and educational mentor by choosing the correct course by attending our academic conferences.

  • Career guidance when you are not sure of what to choose

    Market requirements and the trends in the job market are dynamic and are subjected to change with factors like economic boom or crisis, inflation, technological innovations and the government policies. New courses would always emerge to meet the ever changing market needs. Those with prior information on the recent trends would benefit by selecting the appropriate professional path or career. Peers Alley scientific meetings are venues for innovative practices where the consultants, trainers and councilors would be able to suggest the right skill sets, job/professional orientation so that the participant would be benefited greatly.

  • Sharpening Skills that may turn you an entrepreneur

    A workshop on how to right motivational books or writer’s workshop on novels and fiction may turn a popular writer overnight if you have the zeal and the keenness in building an empire of your own on writing and publishing. JK Rowling was a house wife prior turning to a screenplay writer, novelist and producer. She is the live example of selling the series ' Harry Potter' which today transformed her billionaire. Peers Alley Conferences are hub for new business and professional ideas where the trade shows, exhibitions and workshops enable individuals to build and new and existing skills to advance further in their career or profession, or business.

  • Getting acquainted with new tools and software

    Every weak or the fortnight the industry is flooded with a new tool and software to reach the academic and research outputs with precision. Modern researchers need to be equipped with worldwide digital demands such as process automation, SEO, blogging and the best use of digital and social media platforms to achieve visibility.

  • Networking is essential in the isolated World

    Today’s world is littered with electronic gadgets and people are living and spending time mostly in the virtual world. There is no wonder we may not have acquaintance with the neighbours, dissonant relatives and members in your own surroundings. Finding acquaintance and socializing are equally important and conferences opens up many opportunities to come face-to-face with the experts, creative personnel, technicians, researchers and mentors and maintaining rapport would be greatly helpful in the academic, research, employment and business opportunities.

  • Taming the leadership qualities and the leader within you

    Leader is not build overnight and the qualities can be sharpened when you meet great leaders and listen to them on how they become leaders in their companies and the society. The motivational biographies and autobiographies of the great achievers inspire the readers. Yet, listening directly from them during conferences stands as a demonstrable example, where the participants can stay in touch with them and get advises from such great personalities.

  • Securing Research Grants, Project Opportunities & Employment

    Academic and business meetings attract the attention of policy makers, leaders, government & non-government agencies, and the top-notch of the trade, commerce and the industry. Travel grants, research projects, internships and job opportunities relay on your ability to associate with the multiple agencies, funding bodies, corporate entities and trade circles. Peers Alley conferences are the centers where these groups flock together for their academic, trade and business excellence.

Here you will find some elite prospects offered by Peers Alley Conferences for students and scholars.

  • Best Poster Competitions:

    The Best Poster Competitions at Peers Alley Conferences aim to encourage students and recent graduates to present their original research, which is considered for subsequent publication in the International Journals. All accepted abstracts during the conference are eligible for poster presentation.

    Poster sessions are essential component of international conferences and provide authors to present papers and meet with interested delegates and experts for in-depth technical discussions. In addition, attendees find that poster sessions are unique in way to see many papers in parallel. Therefore, it is important that you display your results clearly so as to attract people who might have an interest in your paper.

    In choosing a poster for the ' Best Poster Award ' at Peers Alley Conferences, two main elements are taken into account.

    1. Research Content is analysed for its originality, quality of the basic research idea, methodology and execution of the research and the interpretation of the results.
    2. Poster and the poster presenter are evaluated for the ability to convey the theme and results of the research to its poster audience. The design of the poster and the presenter’s communication skills are integral to judge the best in the competition.
  • Young Investigators Forum:

    The Young Researchers Forum aimed at promoting more young researchers to discuss their active participation in studies and critically evaluate their research methods, promote conversations and share ideas that can educate, motivate and encourage young scientists in the areas of medicine, science, business and technology.

    Young researchers representing universities, institutes, and different industries are asked to present a short oral presentation during the Forum. Each oral presentation in the appropriate track should have a length of 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.

  • E-Posters:

    The Electronic Poster, or ePoster, is a novel idea to show multimedia version of a poster, on a big monitor or computer. Similar to traditional paper posters, electronic posters or e-posters are presented on-site on a big LCD TV screen. These posters do not require materials to be printed or produced – as audience only see the electronic version of the poster. Peers Alley offers students and early researchers the chance to present their research outcomes through eposters to the global giants.

  • Virtual Presentations:

    Peers Alley provides the choice to create a virtual presentation if you are unable to deliver your speech in individual. We will "play" your lecture during the presentation time of your paper and optionally set up a question and answer session afterwards. Virtual presentation implies a self-running slide show that includes a voice narration. To construct your virtual presentation, PowerPoint is a simple and familiar tool.